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Why is Microsoft Teams with CallTower the Best Choice?

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Don’t get fooled by 3rd party integrations and risk your business 

In today's quickly evolving global economy, Unified Communications solutions empower business strategies to break through boundaries that were once roadblocks. Decision-makers are taking a close look at which solutions boost productivity, collaboration, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness. Through robust workforce collaboration tools, organizations can enact ROI-boosting productivity initiatives, monitor network usage, collaborate on shared applications and so much more.

Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit for many organizations

Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit for many organizations, as was illuminated by Microsoft’s recent announcement stating that they have 13 million daily users actively utilizing Teams. The most important information for any company to understand about Microsoft Teams are the exact benefits of the solution and the value it delivers based on increased productivity and collaboration. Not only is CallTower the best resource to get this information about Teams for yourself and your organization, but we are also the top choice to provide Microsoft Teams with Voice - hands down.

CallTower is a customer-centric solution provider. That means, instead of pushing a single product on every customer, we find the solution (or solutions – we have many customers with multiple or hybrid solutions) that will work best for them. Since 2002, CallTower has been an industry leader in enabling people to connect; our portfolio reflects our solution enablement model. 

CallTower’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution delivers an integrated Office 365 experience with global calling plans empowered by a US-based client services team, ensuring a personalized implementation, adoption, training and support strategy. CallTower has been voice enabling Microsoft solutions for years. As a Microsoft Gold Partner providing cloud voice solutions, our monitoring and management services ensure the highest quality user experience. The Microsoft Teams Phone System powered by CallTower enables customers to bring their current voice serves into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing. Direct Routing ensures the ability to leverage CallTower’s preferred rates and unlocks the full potential of a Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Understandably, Microsoft Teams works best with a Microsoft PBX system as opposed to a third-party PBX system. Microsoft has invested an unmatchable amount of resources into their PBX systems and organizations can tap into these resources and put them to work in their communication solution.  CallTower delivers this exact setup with Microsoft Teams through Direct Routing - and the benefits are rated number one in the industry. To alleviate risk, instead of layering an existing external telephony solution like some providers, CallTower’s Direct Routing is built to work with Teams, Outlook, SharePoint and the rest of the Office 365 Suite in a native solution – plus other integrations like Salesforce, Slack and more. Organizations using CallTower's Direct Routing get the best of both worlds – the raw power and precision engineering of Microsoft with the personal, reliable support of CallTower. In addition to these benefits, CallTower also delivers CT Cloud Contact Center, CT Cloud Boost, CT Cloud Fax, devices, paging, door buzzers, receptionist console, credit card lines and more to provide a full turnkey solution to our customers.

Along with the limited resources and complex environment of a third-party PBX system, additional problems arise when considering the timetable of these hybrid Microsoft Teams setups. Most providers developing these setups won’t complete their vision until 2020 – which is not soon enough for organizations that want to innovate their communication strategies now. It makes much more sense to implement a system provided and proven by CallTower – a system that has been deploying Teams effectively since 2018 with the benefits of a well-tested native Microsoft environment. Instead of an unproven, third party application, organizations can have the best of both worlds and enjoy world-class 24/7/365 US-based support from CallTower. Why wait for 2020 or later when CallTower has already deployed thousands of users with Teams and Voice and has the customer references to prove it? The choice is clear.

The facts are simple; CallTower is the right decision when it comes to providing Microsoft Teams and developing a solution that fits your organization. A voice-optimized network with a native PBX environment is the right system for Teams – and it's ready right now. Enable your communication strategy with CallTower's Microsoft Teams solution.



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