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What Will Be Cisco Webex's Impact in 2021?

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pexels-ivan-samkov-4240571The pandemic has significantly changed how many people work, and it has changed the way they feel about returning to the workplace when the time comes. According to a recent survey, the majority of people are not comfortable returning to work due to the state of the current pandemic

Over 95 percent of workers believe that future workplace meetings will be held virtually. Over 50 percent of businesses and organizations have plans to make changes to their business operations, and over 95 percent of them want to implement the proper technology that can be used to improve their work environment.

Cisco Systems had introduced a series of impactful innovations to Cisco Webex to help workers have meeting experiences that are productive, effective, and less frustrating. There is almost a clear view that the future of work is not going to take place 100 percent in an office environment. Some people will work from home and others will be in the office.

Armed with this information, Cisco's collaboration group have plans to create tools and resources that will create an improved home and in-office experience for all workers. The changes Cisco plans to make will allow all members of a team to be productive and effective, while staying safe. With the intentions of creating a productive and effective online experience, some changes we expect from Cisco Webex are as follows:

Improving The Remote Experience

According to the survey, over 50 percent of the workforce expect to be working from at least 8 days out of a month. Due to the shift that many businesses and organizations are making, it is important for those workplaces to have productive virtual meeting experiences. Cisco Webex will add features that will allow users to have an easy transition to the new and improved experience. 

Improvements in Technology

Many are not anticipating a full return to the office any time soon. Whether you think there will be a return to the office in 2020 or in 2021, everyone must be equipped with the tools and resources that will allow them to be prepared for any changes. Businesses and organizations will need to be able to do the following when the return to the office does happen:

  • successfully optimize their space
  • address any concerns workers may have regarding the changes and their safety
  • address the new communication and collaboration plans

Cisco Webex will provide its customers with the resources they will need to make the transition a smooth one. Cisco Webex anticipates the addition of environmental sensors in all their Webex devices. The sensors will be able to detect the number of workers in the room and the noise level. The sensors will be able to detect if a space is being over utilized.

The tools in Webex's system can collect relevant information that will ensure everyone remains compliant with the guidelines that have been established.  People are aware they have to keep their employees safe and healthy. Fortunately, technology can be used to achieve this, while also ensuring everyone stays engaged. 

The COVID-19 crisis sparked a transition from working in the office to working from home. The crisis also triggered a demand for telehealth services, improved collaboration and communication tools, and teleconferencing. These needs bolstered the adoption and implementation of various solutions. We do not expect this trend to disappear soon.

Webex's improvements will certainly help Cisco increase its impact in the video meeting market. It is time to embrace the changes, and accept that more businesses and organizations will be transitioning to a hybrid workforce. In 2021, we anticipate that Cisco Webex will be a major part of the technology-driven experiences that will be used to improve workplace experiences and precipitate the transformation to keep everyone healthy and engaged. 

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