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What to Know about GCC High for Microsoft Teams Security Provisions

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As the world embraces the digital workplace, the government agencies and contractors have not fully embraced remote working. While most organizations prefer an all-in-one communications tool, sensitive organizations like the Department of Defense and other agencies avoid SaaS services. This is, of course, due to the nature of the work these agencies perform; top-notch security is their greatest concern.

This notion is changing. New technologies considered the security concerns, resulting in GCC High for Microsoft Teams–a secure cloud service with security considerations above Microsoft's usual commercial cloud environments. It has extra security features and offers rigorous procedures and regulations

Let's examine GCC High for Microsoft Teams and its security provisions.

What Is GCC High?

Government Community Cloud High (GCC High) is a Microsoft environment designed to help security teams such as DOD and federal government contractors and agencies. FedRAMP and all governmental organizations mandate GCC High for Microsoft Teams as it is in sync with their regulations. 

Microsoft Teams itself is an enterprise chat tool that helps teams collaborate and communicate internally. The Microsoft Teams service offers a variety of features such as messaging, calls, document management, collaboration, and chats. In short, it is a centralized service for all organizations.

Teams allow you to create, share and collaborate. Moreover, accessing tools like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel is way easier. For instance, a survey by Forrester revealed that workers in this space save up to 88% of their time. And decision making in organizations improved by 17.7%.


It is now clear how effective Microsoft Team is in the performance of an organization. With all-in-one access, the security contractors can safely adopt it. And it is now better with the provision of GCC High, which limits access to information. Some of the security features of GCC High in Microsoft Teams include:

  • It has no provision for guest access. As much as this is limiting, there are low chances of getting information leaks in the organization through access by unwanted guests.
  • You cannot share data or information with other organizations on this platform. Also, this limits the working capabilities, but an assurance to DOD and federal contractors that no one can have their secrets of working on Teams revealed.
  • Microsoft Teams provide direct routing through audio conferencing and phone systems, but this is available to Microsoft commercial offices only and not GCC High. For Office 365 GCC High, federal contractors can only create a direct inward dial through direct routing.


The Office 365 products and security play a big role in creating a secure environment for the US government as they meet many requirements for CMMC.

A good example is Identification and Authentication (AI) needs, i.e., 1.077, 2.078, 2.079, 2.080, 2.081, 2.082, 3.083, 3.084), which can easily be achieved by adding Azure Active Directory and Multifactor Authentication in the Office 365 GCC high tenant.

With GCC High in your Microsoft Teams, administrators can deny and block foreign users' access to the application or data. And the setting of the denial of access is possible depending on the device location where the authentication attempt originates.

Moreover, all the GCC High employees are US professionals who have undergone thorough screening.


GCC High has effectively improved the working of security agencies online. The security features available are perfect for DOD and federal contractors making remote working for their employees seamless. If you want help in unified communications and collaborations for the office, please schedule a consultation with CallTower today by clicking the 'Let's Connect' image below: 



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