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3 Crucial Tips for Maximizing Your Video Webinar ROI

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advice-advise-advisor-7075Video webinars continue to gain momentum as a presentation tool. Webinars are especially effective when creating brand awareness, generating and increasing leads, or conducting corporate training; they can enable any business to attract a wide audience. 

If you are investigating video webinars as a new solution for your organization, there are question you are likely asking yourself. What steps can I take to get started? How much will it cost to get started and can I maximize my ROI? Or, If you have been using video webinars for quite some time, you may ask: "what can I do to make improvements?"

We want to provide you with some tips that will help you generate a strong return on investment on your organization's video webinars:

Create A Stage

One of the first things you will need to do as you set the stage for your video webinars is to identify your objectives. Do you want to increase the number of leads you generate? Do you want to improve the relationships you have with your clients? Once you have established these objectives, you will need to create a plan that will allow you to successfully target these goals and create the appropriate content. If one of your objectives is to create awareness for your brand, you should create a plan that will allow you to find topics and video content that will allow you to expand your reach. 

Get Your Tech Right

Video webinar technology will allow improved recording formats, and this allows your organization to reach a bigger audience without having to worry about causing a server or network crash. The technology you choose to use should be optimized for mobile viewing. Many viewers may need to participate in the session while they are on-the-go, and if your webinar is not optimized for mobile viewing, this will mean they will be left out of the important webinar. 

Have a Plan

Hosting live video webinars will enable your business or organization to do a variety of things, including creating effective communities online and effectively enabling interaction during the webinars.

All presenters should know how to effectively communicate with an audience, in addition to being quick thinkers. The presenter who is hosting the video webinar will be representing your company or organization, and should be properly coached on how to lead a webinar. 

We know that not all workplaces are able to host a webinar event that is fully live, and there are other options for this reason, including On-demand Webinars and pre-recorded webinars with live interactions. On-demand webinars are webinars that can be viewed and shared at any given time. 

If you want to pave the way for a successful investment in video webinars, we encourage you to keep track of your viewer analytics. The platform you choose to use should provide you with the analytics you need to track the behavior of all the viewers. We also encourage you to use graphs, downloadable materials, polls, etc. The viewer analytics should also allow you to determine how long your webinar attendees stayed and how many of them left during a certain point in the session. 

If you would like more information on video webinars and other video conferencing tools, be sure to schedule a demo with CallTower today:



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