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Tips and Tricks: Using 911 Notification to Improve Safety

Are you aware that with Appia, you have the option of using 911 Notification to add an essential layer of safety for people who make 911 calls and protection for the organization?

When service is activated, a voice message and/or an email is sent to one or more predetermined people in the organization when someone dials 911.

For Voice Notification:

  • An announcement is played to the recipient detailing the name and number of the caller and the emergency number that was called. 
  • Recipients must press ‘1’ to confirm that they heard the notification. If not, the system will retry the recipients after a one-minute delay, up to 10 times.

For Email Notification:

  • Email notifications are sent with high importance and "Emergency Call Notification” as the subject in the following format:
                      Caller: [Caller Name] (2012030123 Ext: 123)
                      Department: [Customer Name/Department]
                      Number dialed:  911
                      Time of call:  Thurs Jul 07 14:45:23 [Time Zone] 2014

If this service is of interest, please email Beth Richter at brichter@appiaservices.com or email sales@appiaservices.com.

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