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Three Ways to Set Up Your Channel Sales Reps for Success

April 18, 2019

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battle-black-board-game-411207The individual touch, the wholehearted message, and the firm handshake from an experienced and well-informed salesperson are all pieces to a puzzle that can complete a successful channel relationship. Every vendor or supplier wants to work with a channel sales representative that will go the extra mile, not just to sell solutions and products, but to create a lasting relationship and partnership. Relationships with channel sales representatives are the base of strong and prolonged relationships. So, how can channel sales representatives go above and beyond?

Channel sales representatives can go the extra mile by finding the right type of determination and motivation. When you know what motivates your channel sales reps to sell, you will be better equipped to create an infrastructure that will provide them with many opportunities to do their best. When your channel sales representatives are sent out to sell your solutions and products, they will need to be backed by a variety of motivating factors.

1. An Effective Selling Experience

Who enjoys spending the majority of the workday troubleshooting networks or trying to make its way through the in-person administration just to find the point when they can actually begin reaching out to clients? Due to the complications of channel relationships, there can be quite a few things that will need to be addressed before the channel sales rep actually makes a sale.

Sometimes there will be hurdles that may seem too high or too large to get over, but your channel sales reps should never stop working. When your channel sales representatives have the right tools and resources, you will provide them with the extra push they need to end the race with a win. Your channel sales representatives are around to sell your solutions and products so it is important to make sure they have everything they need to sell. You can do your part by eliminating the complexities that may discourage your channel sales representatives.

2. Happily Sold Products and Solutions

One of the best ways to position your solution or product at the top of the charts is by promoting your brand and representing your brand in a positive way. However, before people begin talking about your product and sharing information on social media, your channel sales representatives need to be your biggest supporters and campaigners. Your channel sales reps will proudly campaign for a product or solution they actually believe in and can stand by.

When channel sales representatives are confident in your products and solutions, they will work extremely hard to promote and sell your product. You want to have a channel sales representative to have a high level of confidence in your products and solutions. You want to give your channel sales representatives something to talk about constantly and boast about.

3. Incentives and Compensation

While your channel sales representatives love the opportunity to promote and sell products, they are also working to make money. Paying your channel sales representatives an amount that makes them feel valued and appreciated will ensure you will continue to receive the selling behaviors you expect from your team of representatives. However, it is important that you are able to do it wisely. You can provide rewards to your top sellers while not downplaying the work that your other channel sales representatives have done. You can create a competitive environment that does not involve belittling or diminishing. 

We know that money is one way to motivate your channel sales representatives, but there are also other incentives that will motivate your channel sales representatives. When your channel sales reps are recognized within the workplace for the outstanding work they have done, they will continue to work harder and smarter. They will have a sense of appreciation and value that will last a lifetime. 

When your channel sales representatives are more than happy to boast about a product or solution and when they take pride in the process, they will be motivated to do their best through the entire sales process. You have the ability to motivate your teams by how they are encouraged to keep going and how they are valued and appreciated. Not only will they begin to brag about how great the solutions and products are, but they will also be happy to tell everyone that they have one of the best jobs in the world.

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