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3 Ways to Reduce Stress While Planning for an Important Business Event

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Online EventsWe have all had exciting events in our lives where we took lots of time, energy, and money to make them memorable experiences.  Producing exceptional webinars and high profile operator assisted conference call experiences takes careful planning, thoughtful consideration, strategic sourcing and superior execution. 

Event planning can be stressful, so we wanted to share some of our best practices for reducing stress as you plan for larger collaboration events. 

Our team plans, executes, and archives virtual events and webcasts all day long.  Over the years we have applied a few best practices to lower stress and produce award winning results.

1.  It Is All In The Details

The details can either bring an event together perfectly or can detract from the experience.  We suggest using a project plan to review all of the details of the event and ensure everything is confirmed.  Adding these details to a written project plan can greatly reduce your stress as you see everything come together in a unified way.

2.  Practice Makes Perfect

Reviewing the space (live or virtual platform), the agenda, the transitions, and the overall expectations allows all stakeholders to communicate their desires, address any questions, and provides for a collaborative planning process.  As the event date approaches, we suggest a dry run to ensure that everyone that has a key role in the event is feeling very comfortable about all of the components.

3.  Everyone Should Be In The Know

Your key stakeholders all have very full lives with competing priorities.  With that, it is so important to be very clear with your communication when it comes to planning meetings, creating agendas, and providing role-specific expectations for the live event.  We believe in simplifying the process for all involved while still providing transparency which ultimately encourages everyone to become invested in the outcome.

We are obsessed with producing exceptional webinars and high profile conference call experiences.  We enjoy managing all of the details, bringing the teams together for a dry run, and communicating with everyone along the way so that our clients have a stress-free experience that produces winning results. 

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