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The Benefits of Skype for Business Server Edition 2019

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info.calltower.comhubfsInvest-in-Skype_tile-2Skype for Business Server Edition 2019 can provide your business with the tools and resources it needs to save money on important business calls without lowering the quality of services you provide.

Recently, Microsoft has been heavily communicating about their transition from Skype for Business Online Edition to Microsoft Teams. While many are concerned about updating their systems, CallTower customers need not worry about the transition - they are supported by CallTower's private cloud. 

Our cloud operates on Skype for Business Enterprise Server Edition (rather than the Skype for Business Online Edition affected by the change) which currently is and  will be supported for years to come. In fact, this year  CallTower is investing in updating our Skype for Business Server to the 2019 Edition  to better serve and connect our customers for the future.  Here are some benefits that come from transitoning to Skype for Business, including from Server Edition 2019:

Cutting Call Costs

We know that not all businesses are going to communicate in the same manner. Smaller businesses will generally communicate at a different level than larger businesses. Instead of having multiple internal meetings, those with smaller businesses will generally spend a greater amount of time connecting with people on an individual basis. This will involve personally reaching out to your partners, your customers, suppliers, prospects, etc. Making multiple phone calls can become very costly, especially if you are contacting people on mobile devices or when they are traveling across the globe.

If you want to improve your bottom line, you can start by significantly cutting your costs by using Skype for Business to make phone calls. When you switch to Skype for Business Server 2019 Edition, you will be able to make low-cost phone calls to mobile phones and low-cost calls to international locations. 

Cutting Travel Costs

Communication and collaboration are critical to the success of your business, regardless of who you are communicating with and where they are located. However, we know how high travel costs can rise throughout the year. Travel costs can take up a nice size of your budget. Travel costs include more than the cost of an airline ticket; this will include things like staying in a hotel, filling up your tank, and a variety of other things that can have an impact on your profitability. When you are spending hours on the road,, this means this is more time you cannot be in the office. Spending time out of the office can have an impact on your efficiency and productivity. 

Using Skype for Business Server Edition 2019 will allow you to cut down on all of your business travel expenses. You will not have to travel across the globe to have a meeting with someone; you can use video calling to have a meeting. You will still be able to make the meeting personal because you will have to face-to-face contact. You can have these meetings during your normal work schedule; you will not need to schedule a meeting that is inconvenient to you or one that will lower your productivity rate.

Collaboration & Communication

Running your business more efficiently will mean making sure everyone remains involved in the project. When you keep everyone on the same page, you will be able to save time and money because everyone can collaborate and communicate at the same time. When you want to remain in touch with all of your colleagues, you may find that the instant messaging feature will be a big tool for you. Skype for Business will provide you with a variety of cost-effective features that will allow you to speak to your colleagues and your customers.

You want your customers to remain in contact with you because they are part of the reason you exist. You want to be able to provide high-level service to your customers at all times. Your customers will be able to call you from any location by using the Skype number you have listed on your website and social media accounts. 

For more information on how Skype for Business could be implemented in your organization, schedule your demo with CallTower today: 



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