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Team Building Games and Fun with Microsoft Teams in 2022

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pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3765030Now that Microsoft has had five years to build and perfect the 'go-to' video conferencing and chat software for home, business, enterprise, and education, it's time to see what Microsoft Teams is going to look like after the dust settles!

Microsoft has released incremental and major updates every week since the Microsoft Teams product was rolled out in 2017. Throughout the pandemic, Microsoft stayed in touch with the evolving hybrid work landscape and used those working conditions as a test bench for trying out new facets of the Teams architecture.

In this post, let's look at how you can have a bit of fun with Microsoft Teams in 2022 with the product and the features now in place.

Together Mode

The Together Mode will allow you to create a virtual room that is intended to increase productivity by placing all meeting participants in a college lecture room typesetting.

While Together Mode does accomplish that, you can also instigate some of your old classroom hijinks like waving to your colleagues, taping them on the shoulder, or even a high five! This could be the difference between a boring meeting you didn't want to attend or a meeting that you look forward to attending!

Microsoft also mentions that the Teams product can be used for organizing trips with fam or friends and with Together Mode there is a lot of entertainment value there!

Microsoft Teams BINGO

This Microsoft version of Bingo is similar to Online Team Building Bingo and is a fun way to approach those meetings that are usually prone to make you yawn!

Playing is simple just distribute the game boards and decide how long you are going to play, the meeting you are in, or across several meetings. Then just be on the lookout for specific items or behaviors noticed and when you see something that matches one of your board pieces, mark a square!

Things like, when a pet walks across the camera view, someone coughs, somebody says 'and umm' and so on. Be sure you randomly sort the boards so that everybody doesn't BINGO! at once.

Meeting attendants will be more perceptive to their meeting colleagues as they intently watch for the needed board piece!

Getting Into 'Kahoot!'

Just as Microsoft Teams has become the 'go-to' for video conferencing, Trivia and Team Trivia have become the 'go-to' game to play on the Microsoft Teams platform. The Kahoot! app extension makes it easy to play your favorite trivia games within Microsoft Teams.

You can play the built-in version of trivia, or you can write your own. Also, decide if the game will be concluded by the end of the meeting, or by answering set trivia questions on a schedule and completed by a certain deadline. Trivia game players can join the game from any computer or mobile device.

Wiki Kingdom Founders

Microsoft Teams Wiki feature is great for fostering collaboration between colleagues as you can draft and share notes easily. But did you know that you could also use the Wiki feature to build an imaginary kingdom or country as a team-building exercise?

To begin simply create the main page for your country or kingdom and invite your colleagues! Together, you can add pages to the main page to include, history, law, political parties, and any other facet you would like to add to the place! Send out weekly prompts to get the pages for specific attributes like 'holiday traditions' or 'political outrage or controversies!'

Participants can propose changes and team members can vote on which ones to keep. You could even 'go to war' if you don't agree with the status quo!

The Potential for Games

These are by no means the only fun you can have with Microsoft Teams. The potential is endless with this platform setting at the ready for you and your team!

Browse through the 'app' section of Microsoft Teams and set your imagination free! Have yourself and your colleagues a bit of fun in 2022 with Microsoft Teams!

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