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Six Benefits of Voice Enabled Microsoft Teams

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pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-5198240Microsoft has recently introduced Voice-enabled Microsoft Teams, allowing users to communicate with each other in a more natural and engaging way. The introduction of this new feature coincides with that of the Surface Hub 2.0, which has voice capabilities. The new Microsoft Teams feature also enables users to use their mobile phones for voice calling. 

1. Increase Productivity

One of the reasons voice technology has been trending over the last few years is that it is a lot more efficient than writing by hand or typing on a keyboard. Besides, it also removes your pen and paper from the equation. With a high-tech gadget attached to your phone, you can do all kinds of creative work, like taking notes while talking or doing business meetings over video calls, which might make you feel comfortable working alone.

2. enable Communication 

With a voice-enabled Microsoft Teams, users can text each other and call and video chat with people worldwide. This might help you break the ice when making new business contacts, planning a meeting, etc.

3. Improve safety

With the help of Cortana, Microsoft Teams can do several things for you, like telling you the weather, getting your directions to the nearest store, reminding you of your appointments, and more. You can use it as an assistant to get information about a specific task that requires your attention. 

4. Having a Private Conversation

With the help of Microsoft Teams, you can communicate with your friends and family on Skype in a completely different way. You can call or video chat with them from anywhere, which would be pretty handy when traveling away from home or needing some emotional support at work. 

5. AI Assistant

If you spend many hours writing essays or other essential documents in Microsoft Word, this feature might be handy. After all, Microsoft Word is known to do more than just editing; it's best for creating content. But, instead of deleting entire paragraphs, you can use voice to get rid of the parts you don't want anymore.

6. Easy to Use

Microsoft Teams is available on your favorite devices, including your PC, Mac, and iPhone. You can easily take advantage of its features by just tapping on the icon on your phone. Besides, the new application recognizes when one person is talking while another is taking too long and automatically cuts them out of the conversation so that they stop to listen sooner.

These are how Microsoft Teams makes working easier for students, business people, and anyone who needs to connect. For more information, please click on the 'Let's Connect' image below for a consultation from CallTower:



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