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Now Trending: 5 New Communication Tech Innovations

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action-blur-close-up-735911What's trending in the world of business communication?

From the end of analog as we know it to the rise of omni-channel communication, business trends in 2018 are leaning towards greater connectivity while fostering independence. They are emphasizing cloud-based technologies and trending towards greater convenience, clarity, and quality of communications. 

Here are five new communication technology trends to look out for:

1. Video Conferencing Tech

According to estimates, enterprise video conferencing is expected to increase to $4.48 billion in value by 2023. And why not? Video conferencing is far from the bulky, awkward affair it was when it first came on the business scene. It promotes a more connected workforce, makes meetings easier and more personable, and integrates easily with other technologies.

Skype for Business, for example, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft office apps. It allows users to connect from any device, which makes for a more scalable solution that speaks to our mobile-first technological leanings.

2. Omni-channel B2C Communication

With the rise of consumer reliance on mobile phones and the prominence of web applications, businesses are turning to omni-channel techniques to engage consumers.

How is this different from multi-channel? Even if you have multiple methods of communicating to consumers, like Facebook, Instagram, and a blog, an omni-channel approach takes it one step further by integrating all of those experiences into one seamless outward-facing approach. Omni means "all," and in this type of communication, all consumers will understand all your messages, which will be consistent across all platforms.

With omni-channel techniques, your consumers will never have to guess as your messaging. And your employees will have an easier time integrating social media interactions and marketing campaigns into a cohesive whole with better-aligned messaging.

3. VoIP: Better, here to stay

Though VoIP isn't a new technology, it's becoming more inevitable of a solution for businesses with each coming year. In fact, reports indicate that the FCC is on the trend to prioritize VoIP communications over analog.

So what exactly is VoIP? Short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, VoIP offers phone sessions and communications over the internet. Gone are the days of needing landlines; VoIP makes it possible, and indeed preferable, to make business calls from computers and other devices. With infrastructure priorities changing to make way for the prominence of VoIP, this is one trend you don't want to miss. 

4. Business Mobile

Can you call something a trend when it's become a standard?

Businesses that want to adapt to changing consumer trends need to integrate business mobile solutions into their standard operating procedures. With telecommuting on the rise, employees expect to be able to work from home or work from the go. Integrating your business communications across mobile devices means that your employees aren't chained to a desktop or even to a business laptop in order to accomplish a day's work. Further, mobile solutions offer your employees a greater degree of connectivity - both with each other and with consumers.

5. Web-based Apps

Along with the rise of mobile communications, web-based applications are here to stay. Apps, integrated seamlessly into your employees mobile devices, can help with your brand's overall efficiency and cohesiveness. If you're not making use of this technology, you're missing a chance to streamline and simplify your employees' workflow.

There are apps that can help you schedule and control all social media outreach campaigns in one (talk about omni-channel engagement—this makes it so much simpler). There are apps that allow your employees to work collaboratively with one another on the move. This is amazing if you have an ongoing project that needs editing and input from several different employees.  

In a time characterized by drastic changes to technology, it's key to stay up-to-date in an increasingly digitally competitive sphere. Keep an eye on trends, but also make sure to partner with companies that have your best interests in mind. To get a closer look at technology that can change your organization's communication strategy, like Skype for Business, schedule a demo with CallTower today:



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