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Making Money Using Microsoft Teams

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pexels-karolina-grabowska-4475527Every workforce wants the same thing: to make money. Unfortunately, many businesses forget a key part of the process, especially when it relates to sales: communication.

What can happen when communication is not a critical part of the sales process?

  • Missed opportunities
  • Disconnected workforce
  • Delayed deals and/or contracts

Sales teams differ from other teams in a business or organization because sales team members are generally on the go visiting clients and prospects while using mobility solutions to gain access to data, email, and documents. Despite being separated from the main business operations, sales teams still need to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues.

Efficiency, collaboration, coordination, and proper results are all keys to the success of a Sales team. Microsoft Teams has proven to be an effective solution to improving sales. Sales team members will have easy access to all information they need along with all tools that are necessary to nurture leads. 

Improve Your Production Rates

Sales teams are always under pressure to make money. Sales teams will spend an entire day looking for more prospects and more opportunities. During each encounter, each prospect wants to know what your products or services can do for them. For many sales teams, their sales process involves using multiple devices and applications to communicate with their prospects. 

Switching from one application or device to another can mean some prospects will slip through the cracks. Also, this often leads to sales team members not being able to deliver the type of speed prospects are expecting. When you use a solution like Microsoft Teams, you will no longer have to jump through hoops in an attempt to communicate with prospects. Through Microsoft Teams, sales teams will have the ability to communicate and coordinate internally and externally.

Making improvements to your prospecting strategy will increase your chances of turning those prospects into customers. Microsoft Teams can accelerate your sales cycles by connecting your sales team to all prospects. 

Prospects Access Preferred Channels

During the sales process, you answer various questions about your services and products. After you have answered questions, you will move forward by sharing all relevant information, sharing videos, and making more calls. The online meeting tools within Microsoft Teams make it easier to connect both internally and externally.

You are no longer limited to one form of communication. With a universal channel for all prospects and clients, you will be able to nurture your prospects and clients by using the following methods:

  • Live demos
  • Video Calls
  • Sending one-on-one messages
  • Arranging group messages
  • Hosting group conversations between the sales team and potential buyers

Microsoft Teams delivers a reliable space for open and constant communication. Microsoft Teams will enable you to remain connected to all key members and meet all critical deadlines. Your prospects will remain engaged when you give them the access and information they need through a channel they prefer. 

Eliminate Wasted Time

Can you calculate how often you lose significant time during the sales process? Valuable time can be lost by scrolling through your devices reading emails, using different applications, reading or creating sales reports, and participating in conversations with members of the sales team. You no longer have to lose precious time.

You can get your time back with Microsoft Teams. When using Microsoft Teams, you will gain that significant time back from switching between applications and devices. Your Microsoft Teams environment will allow you to stay on the same page and gain access to the right information and the right people. When sales happen faster, this will often result in sales happening faster and more often. 

These are only a few ways that Microsoft Teams can work within a sales department and contribute to success. You can start making more money today by leveraging the advantages of Microsoft Teams. If you are ready to migrate to Microsoft Teams, please click below for a free consultation from CallTower: 



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