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InformaCast: Emergency Alert Features and Notification Solutions

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www.calltower.comwp-contentuploads202111InformaCast-Featured-Image-3CallTower now offers Singlewire's InformaCast Emergency Alert System for both Microsoft Teams and Cisco systems

InformaCast Fusion is a mass notification system that excels in the three most critical areas of delivering effective emergency messages: speed, reach and intrusiveness. When you need people to take notice and take action, the InformaCast emergency alert system provides the toolset to get information in the hands of people who need it as quickly as possible no matter where they are or what they are doing.

  • Unparalleled Speed - You can’t waste a second when an emergency occurs. InformaCast offers multiple ways to instantly trigger a notification so that the instant someone notices an issue, they can begin alerting people.
  • Expansive Reach - During a crisis, you need to know your message is going to reach everyone. InformaCast uses every communication channel available to ensure no misses a message.
  • Attention-Grabbing Alerts - Cut through noise and distractions with text, audio and visual notifications delivered to mobile devices and throughout your facilities. The result: people notice alerts sooner and begin taking action, reducing risk and downtime.


InformaCast alert software can be utilized as a comprehensive situation management, mass notification and crisis communication tool. Your organization will be able to do the following:

  • Easily Prepare for Any Crisis - Understand how groups are built and messages are sent using InformaCast notification software.
  • Send Alerts in a Variety of Formats - Learn the different ways can be triggered with InformaCast.
  • Reach Everyone, Wherever They Are - Discover how InformaCast notification system can help your organization achieve complete message coverage by sending messages to people's desks, throughout the building, and to mobile devices and wearable panic buttons.
  • Confirm Responses and Escalate Distribution - Know that people have received critical messages—and expand the distribution to reach a wider audience if necessary.
  • Monitor Notifications in Realtime - InformaCast mass notification allows administrators to analyze the effectiveness of their messages.
  • Resiliency - In the event of a network outage, power failure, or other disruption to your primary InformaCast Advanced server, a secondary InformaCast Advanced server automatically takes over.
  • High Availability - With the InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance and the optional High Availability service, local InformaCast messaging will continue to function when your wide-area network is down.

Notification Solutions

The InformaCast emergency notification system is implemented at organizations around the world to assist with safety and security issues. It is configured for uses that include:

  • Active Shooter - Protect your people from active shooter events with InformaCast mass notification. Share alerts and trigger lockdowns with the push of a button to keep people out of harm’s way.
  • Severe Weather Alerting - Monitor live feeds from the National Weather Service and automatically trigger an emergency notification when severe weather is approaching your area.
  • School Bells - Schedule prerecorded notifications, such as school bells, shift changes, break reminders or safety alerts from a single interface and leverage existing analog overhead systems.
  • Reporting & Incident Management - Know who has received critical messages, expand the distribution to reach a wider audience, and ask people to respond if they need assistance.
  • Panic Buttons - Trigger InformaCast from phone soft keys, call buttons, keyboard function keys and low-voltage relay buttons to notify the proper personnel in case of an emergency.
  • 911 Alerting - Notify key personnel when 911 is dialed and listen to near real-time recordings so you can leverage the context for when a situation occurs.
  • Building Evacuation - Inform key personnel of emergency situations and facilitate swift building evacuations through comprehensive emergency mass notification. Automatically dial your team to easily organize a response. Notify mobile users to stay away from the building.
  • Paging and Intercom - Utilize live audio paging, ad hoc audio, two-way handsfree intercom and push-to-talk functionalities with Cisco phones and IP speakers.
  • IoT Integration - Trigger mass notifications to and from other physical systems, including fire alarms, light control systems, entry access systems, eyewash stations, and AED cabinet doors.

If your organization is interested in a robust mass emergency notification system, InformaCast by Singlewire is the option with the speed, reach and attention-grabbing alerts to complete the task. Click below to get your free consultation of Microsoft Teams with InformaCast from CallTower:



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