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Improve Customer Satisfaction with these Mobile Communications Tips

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office-notes-notepad-entrepreneur-38556.jpegWhen your company is looking for new and better ways to improve customer satisfaction, a great way to get perspective on the situation is to look into the past. What is the one biggest historical complaint that customers have had? The waiting  time for services rendered Customers hate being unsure about when they'll get their services or products and when they'll be able to get on with their regular lives. This has often been the result of limited or even under-used communication. However, mobile communications technology has changed a lot and with the help of a responsive mobile platform, you can completely eliminate guessing-games and gain access to new and innovative ways to improve your customer's experience.

Self Scheduling On-the-Go

Among the first great mobile features to enhance your customer satisfaction is the ability to make appointments from their mobile device. Yes, human contact is absolutely important to customer service, but often when someone realizes they need to schedule a meeting or appointment, there's nothing special they want to say. The entirety of the task is simply to find a time slot in which both parties are available.

When your customers can schedule online through their mobile app, they can quickly choose a date and time that works for them even if they're stuck in rush-hour traffic, making use of a few spare seconds between meetings, or waiting to pick their kids up from school. No need to get tied up on the phone and it can take less than a minute for customers already familiar with your interface.

Live Location and Status Tracking

By far one of the coolest innovations of modern tracking and dashboard technology is the ability to watch work and travel happen in real time. These days, mobile apps allow you to watch your delivery drivers make their way to your house, let you track shipped packages, and will even show you at what stage your pizza preparation is at. Your industry can offer the same fascinating and convenient insight to your customers with live updates on the location and status of services rendered. This allows customers to know exactly when your service or product will arrive as well as a fun way to track the progress of something they may be interested in.

Coordinating Through Mobile

The final and perhaps most useful reason to incorporate a mobile platform for your field services is the ability to communicate in real time with your customers. This service is useful for both parties. For customers, they gain the ability to contact the service team, product managers or customer service professionals. For your team, they can send customers updates on the work being done, ask clarification questions if a decision needs to be made, and ask for directions if they're having trouble with an order.

A live mobile dashboard is one of the best things you can do for your business and for the experience of your customers. No matter what your industry, every company benefits from quick and easy communication between teams and clients from coordinating schedules to tracking project progress. To see how much you could save with mobile platforms like Skype for Business, use our ROI Calculator here:

Skype4B ROI Calculator

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