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How CT Cloud SIP Trunking Will Benefit Your Organization

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architecture-buildings-business-325185Businesses are transitioning away from TDM based phone systems as organizational communication evolves. As these changes are being implemented, it's prudent for businesses to learn more about the advantages of an all IP environment. For example, SIP trunking has become the standard for multimedia and voice communication. As older systems reach the end of their lifespan, cloud-based SIP systems are only going to increase in popularity.

Thanks to CT Cloud SIP trunking, the following benefits are now available for participating organizations:

Security and Safety

When CT Cloud SIP trunking is used, companies are able to enjoy a much greater level of protection and safety than ever before. In the event that any member of an organization is forced to call 911, a notification is automatically issued to the rest of the company. Phone and e-mail notifications are sent out immediately so that everyone is able to remain safe.

Improved Call Screening

Any organization worth its salt will need to participate in call screening from time to time. This is a normal practice that is enhanced with the usage of CT Cloud SIP trunking. If an organization is wasting too much time of their valuable time answering phone calls that come in from private or restricted numbers, automatic call blocking can be set up.

If numbers are private or anonymous, the organization is no longer forced to deal with them. This increases the level of efficiency that takes place. Selective call rejection is also available and this gives organizations the chance to block specific callers who are known to hold no value to a company.

Avoiding Prolonged Outages

While no organization wants to plan for an outage, CT Cloud SIP trunking offers the sort of protection that is needed when these events occur. Thanks to the advanced call routing that CT Cloud SIP trunking has to offer, outages are no longer an issue that needs to be dealt with once it has already occurred.

Organizations must remain proactive in this regard and CT Cloud allows them to do so. Instead of being left scrambling once these sorts of problems have already begun to take place, an emergency service is set up ahead of time. This keeps callers from being left out of the loop.

Faster Internal Communication

Having a system that allows employees to send text messages back and forth more easily is just one of the many benefits that CT Cloud SIP has to offer. It does not matter if the employees or the customers are utilizing a mobile device or a Windows PC. iOS and Android devices can be both be used as well.

Top Notch Call Quality

The edge routers that are used when organizations make the switch to CT Cloud SIP trunking are great for reserving bandwidth. There are several benefits that come with the reservation of bandwidth and the effect that CT Cloud SIP trunking has when it comes to call quality is hard to pass up.

There are always going to be instances when the amount of bandwidth that is being utilized will exceed the organizational capacity. Thanks to these edge routers, the quality of the call that is taking place is not going to be affected. Bandwidth is specifically reserved for these exact purposes.

If you would like to learn more about all of the ways that a location can benefit from the usage of CT Cloud SIP trunking, please be sure to contact CallTower so that you can receive a demo at your earliest convenience: 



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