Good Data Security Begins with Users

Most people understand the importance of data security, but many don’t appreciate the critical role they play in protecting vital information.      

These five steps will go a long way.

  1. Make sure user names and passwords are not being shared with family or friends … or posted on sticky notes on monitors!
  2. Require strong passwords:
    1. At least eight characters
    2. Capital and lower case letters
    3. Numbers
    4. Special characters
    5. Passwords should not include the user’s name, numbers or letters in sequence (e.g., 12345, abcde), etc.
  3. Require passwords to be changed on a regular basis; e.g., every 60 days
  4. Establish a two-step authentication process where appropriate

Limit data access only to the employees who need it, by segmenting servers and requiring appropriate credentials.

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