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Five9: Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Calling Plans

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pexels-mart-production-7709201In the Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration market, Microsoft Teams is a clear leader. The platform has transformed how businesses communicate and collaborate, with features like real-time document editing, video conferencing, and instant messaging. As businesses move to adopt Teams, they're often left wondering how to best integrate their contact center operations into the platform.

As more businesses dive deeper into their digital transformation journeys, there is an increased demand for cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions that integrate with Microsoft Teams. Five9, a leading provider of CCaaS, offers a solution that allows businesses to take advantage of the Microsoft Teams Calling Plans and calling capabilities.

Five9: Integrating with MS Teams

Today's customers expect a seamless, omnichannel experience when they reach out to businesses. They don't want to have to explain their issue multiple times or be transferred from one agent to another. To meet these expectations, businesses need a CCaaS platform that can provide a top-notch customer experience across all channels, including voice, chat, email, and social media.

Five9's CCaaS platform integrates with Microsoft Teams to provide businesses with a complete solution for their customer communications needs. The integration allows businesses to use the Teams Calling Plans and calling features to provide their customers with a consistent, omnichannel experience. The Five9-Microsoft Teams integration provides businesses with the following benefits:

  • Access to the same features and functionality as the Microsoft Teams Calling Plans
  • The ability to manage voice calls, chat, and other communications from a single platform
  • The ability to route calls to the right agent based on skills, availability, and other criteria
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Five9 Collaboration

Your customers and prospects are interacting with your brand across a variety of channels. It's important to have a team in place that can provide the best possible customer experience, no matter how or where they're interacting with your brand.

The Five9-MS Teams integration gives businesses the ability to route calls to experts based on skills, subject matter, or location. This ensures that each customer interaction is handled by the best possible agent for the job. With the Five9 integration, you can spend less time searching for the perfect agent and more time providing an exceptional customer experience.

It will not matter if you need to move one call to an expert in another location or if you need to set up a team of experts to handle calls for a new product launch. The Five9-Microsoft Teams integration makes it easy to get the right people on the call, no matter what the situation. The end goal is always the same: provide the best possible customer experience.


As more teams embrace digital transformation, they are turning to cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions that offer the flexibility and scalability needed to support their changing business needs.

Five9 can provide continued success for your digital transformation by integrating with Microsoft Teams. The Five9-MS Teams integration is a game-changer for businesses that are looking to adopt or have already adopted Microsoft Teams.

Are you ready to start your digital transformation journey with Five9? Contact CallTower for a free Five9 and MS Teams consultation by clicking the 'Let's Connect' image below:



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