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Contact Center Solutions: Crucial Things to Know

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pexels-pixabay-267507In today's bustling, digital world, your telecom needs a technology tool that will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the contacts between your customers and your agents. In other words, you want a contact center that has all the features possible to deliver maximum capabilities. If you're considering acquiring crucial contact center solutions, then you'll want to make sure you know these things.

Contact Center's Core Function

At its foundation, a contact center's core function is to route calls from your customers to the staff in your contact center. It follows then that the core function of contact center software is to route customer calls to your contact center agents but it doesn't stop there. The contact center software specializes in tracking the phone calls and reporting crucial measures about those contacts. The software uses pre-selected rules to send customer calls to the agents who have the appropriate experience and skillsets needed to respond to the customers' inquiries.

While contact center software started out handling inbound phone contacts, modern technology expanded the role of contact center software. The software can route calls over multiple channels: email, SMS, chat, social media, and the list goes on.

Contact center software can:

  • monitor contacts between customers and agents,
  • administer customer satisfaction surveys, and
  • provide tools to help your managers keep track of staffing needs.

Indispensable Call Center Software Capabilities

According to Gartner Group research, 68% of customers still reach out to companies by phone. Being able to record those calls can mean obtaining a lot of valuable information from them. You can learn how to improve customer relations, comply with legal requirements, or learn how to increase your revenue. The following paragraphs identify other indispensable software components for contact centers.

Call center analytics is an essential feature.  Businesses need collaborative tools that help process data, analyze the particulars, and manipulate the information to obtain actionable intelligence. Call center analytics can help you:

  • improve the effectiveness of business decisions;
  • glean more accurate information;
  • obtain more relevant information; and
  • spot trends, KPIs, and other matters that bear upon your business's performance.

A staff management component can help your contact center reduce your operational costs and it can also point out ways to increase your revenue. If you include a staff management component into your contact center, the contact center can help you manage staff operations and resources. In turn, these features help you make better business decisions, as follows:

  • analyze call patterns and historical trends;
  • adjust schedules in real-time;
  • monitor assignments to agents; and
  • generate real-time reviews that track schedules and labor deployments. 

A script and call flow component can help you identify the particular requirements of your business's campaigns and then design a script for your agents that is tailored to your requirements. A clever script can:

  • collect and organize information from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database;
  • confirm data and make sure it is saved to the appropriate place in the database; and
  • manage call flow by appropriate questions that lead the agent in the right direction.

A regulatory compliance component can provide ease-of-mind as it provides tools to help you comply with the growing regulatory requirements in your particular industry. Regulatory compliance saves money by avoiding breaches, pitfalls, and penalties.

To learn more about how COVID-19's effect on remote working is also affecting contact centers, you may enjoy the August 2020 article from diginomica.com entitled "How COVID-19 is accelerating remote working and automation in the call center industry."

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