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Cisco Hosted Voice Solution For Your Business

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Cisco-Auto-Answer.pngLooking for a solid voice connection system for your business that offers it all?  

CallTower's Cisco Unified Communications Solution has all that you are looking for and then some and with the years of experience to back it up.

Cisco Hosted Voice Solution offers all the basic phone features including call forwarding and voice mail, as well as call park and find me/follow me functions and international calling. Even video is available with specific phone models.

Any service your business requires is available through Cisco Hosted Voice Solution. The call quality with Cisco Hosted Voice Solution cannot be beat and the security and service are beyond compare.

Among the other features, one will find hold music, call pickup groups and Analog Connectivity (integrated with faxing, door systems, overhead paging). Live online chat is available to allay any issues, which are rare as Cisco Hosted Voice Solution has worked diligently to perfect their system. Their experience and integrity are above reproach.

Cisco Unified Communications ranks as a leader in the ever-growing world of business communications systems. With their size and experience, one would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable system. Yet, they're not so big that your business would get lost in the shuffle. Cisco Hosted Voice Solution is dedicated to its customers and to providing them with the most dependable service around.

Ready to learn about Cisco Hosted Voice for your business? 

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