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Channel Sales Tips: Organizing and Prioritizing

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alarm-clock-calendar-close-up-908298One of the first things you probably learned when you decided you wanted to be a channel sales rep is that if you spend a significant amount of your time selling the products and services you will generate a great amount of revenue. However, you probably quickly discovered that you are not always able to place all of your attention on selling.

As a channel sales rep, you find yourself taking on a variety of challenges and responsibilities. As the days and months go by, your workload increases and you have to juggle multiple sales channels. It is important that you are able to manage all of your sales tasks while prioritizing all of the tasks you are responsible for.

Prioritize and Organize

If you do not take the time to prioritize and manage everything, you will not be able to use your time wisely. You will try to juggle so many things that you may not have enough time to sell the products and services. Not only will you possibly miss out on a significant amount of revenue, but you may also fail to accomplish some of the goals you previously set.

We encourage to make sure you take the time to create a schedule so you can organize your time in the most efficient way. However, we know that before you can actually create a schedule and organize your time you will need to have a clear understanding of how you previously spent your time. Are you aware of all the things you complete on a daily basis?

Are you aware of how long it generally takes you to complete those tasks? You can create a list of the tasks you complete on a daily basis as soon as that task begins, including the times you take phone calls, the times you check your inbox, and the times you have your meetings. There will also be times during the day when your productivity level may decrease, but it is important that you make a note of this as well.

Completing Your Difficult Tasks

You may not realize that there is a period during the day when you are always distracted, but creating a list can help you become aware of the tasks that bring you the most difficulty. When you record the tasks and activities, you will have a clearer understanding of which tasks have a positive impact on your sales process and which tasks have a negative impact. Seeing all of the things you never seem to complete may also be the motivation you need to buckle down and finally complete them.

There are probably things you can never seem to complete, regardless of how hard you try. Putting those tasks on hold can be the thing that is holding you back from being as productive as the next sales rep. However, if you continue to put those tasks and activities on the back burner, they will begin to way heavy on you because the urgency of which those tasks need to be completed will only increase.

As difficult as it may be for you, we encourage you to face the difficult activities head-on and complete them. You will finally feel a sense of relief once you are able to complete the task that has been weighing heavily on you for days or weeks. 

Setting Time For Your Contacts

We know how easy it can be to make one contact with one client and move on to another task. However, if you make contact with one client, keep going and make more contacts with other potential clients. You can set time that is devoted to cold calling and this will allow you to feel more comfortable as the day goes on. You will begin to comfortable after the first few phone calls and it will no longer be awkward.

However, it could take longer to get over the nervousness or discomfort if you make one call and move on to something else because you will have to find your comfort level again. When you make multiple phone calls to your potential clients, you will find your comfort zone quickly and will have a better chance of having positive end results.

It is important that you set a good time to contact your potential clients. Once you find a time interval that results in positive conversations each time, you can set that time as your preferred calling time. 

As a channel sales rep, it is important that you use your time wisely so you can be as productive as possible. Managing your time and organizing your schedule can result in an overall better sales performance.




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