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CallTower Offers Billing as a Service for White Label Partners

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alone-bills-calculator-1253591CallTower Director of Wholesale, Brad Nichols, breaks down Billing as a Service Platform 

The CallTower BaaS platform is designed to assist white-label partners to build orders and convert those orders into customers.

 This will further enabling partners to establish automated collections while building a robust monthly recurring revenue stream. In addition, BaaS will assist partners with real-time reporting and tax management.

CallTower: How does Billing as a Service (BaaS) help white-label partners? 

Brad Nichols: To be a true white-label provider, you have to have BaaS. The need for this platform is really to enable partners to sell, quote and deliver these services on a more consistent basis. This is my second company where I’ve pretty much been building a wholesale model and I knew from the last company I worked with that this was really going to be a need for most wholesale partners, because in wholesale, the partners are now the ones that are billing their customers directly, unlike the channel side where CallTower would be billing their customers.

CallTower: Many of CallTower’s partners are MSPs and VARs, and are not directly in the telephony business. How does BaaS affect them?

Brad Nichols: This just gives them a platform where they can leverage the telephony world a lot easier. Ultimately our solutions are what’s going to give white-label partners a competitive advantage, CallTower’s proprietary Skype for Business solution and Cisco‘s solutions as well,” he said. “This platform gives them the ability to now become their own service provider. It gives them the ability to run their business a lot better and the advantage of being a better provider for their customers.

CallTower: How does BaaS boost CallTower's wholesale model?

Brad Nichols: We’re now a fully fledged white-label provider, as well as going through the channel. It helps partners build a monthly recurring revenue customer base that they own. It helps them also internally by not having to reinvent the wheel to get into an industry that they should be getting into. It removes the friction.

Learn more about CallTower's White Label Program, including BaaS and other great options!

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