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Boost Open Enrollment with Cloud Communications

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Open enrollment is right around the corner. Time is of the essence to ensure that employees understand their benefit packages so that they can make the right choices.  Open enrollment communications are often timely and costly.  With today's next generation technologies, you can boost your communication engagement, and save time and money by utilizing cloud communication solutions.

Human Resource professionals tasked with open enrollment can streamline the communication process while saving valuable time and money, while enhancing your overall communications -- 

Streamline open enrollment calls

The operator-assisted calls that are typically leveraged to conduct open enrollment calls are very costly and involve many steps to coordinate with external vendors.

The hassle and worry are over -- With cloud-based audio conferencing and webcasting solution, it takes minutes to setup an open enrollment call for as many participants as you need. You can broadcast live on the phone or stream the event online to your employees with the click of a button. In a streamlined, web-based console, you can easily view and track call-in participants, share slides on benefits packages and updates, and manage benefits-related Q&A. For employees who can’t make the live call, your live events are automatically recorded and can be shared easily and securely via email or made available on-demand on your intranet. The whole call process is easier, saving you time and giving you more control.

Deliver on-demand access online tools

Let's face it....employees receiving open enrollment information in a timely manner is absolutely critical. With online cloud-based technologies you have all of the tools necessary for creating on-demand informational resources to help communicate complex benefits packages. With integrated audio and online meeting tools, including self-service webcasting solutions, you are able to easily create on-demand access to present and guide employees through open enrollment materials around their convenience. Utilizing cloud-based communication technologies will boost engagement and increase reach ensuring all employees have easy access to the educational materials needed to complete open enrollment.  

Simply communicate more with less

Simplifying the open enrollment communication process saves time and reduces cost. Cloud-based tools can result in a cost savings of up to 50% on your open enrollment calls. 

Ready to learn more?   Schedule  a brief meeting with one of our Human Resource Communication Experts and leverage technology that will streamline open enrollment. 


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