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Appia Grows with its Customers to Meet Their Changing Needs

Triplet Computers, LLC is a growing computer communication provider in Concord, New Hampshire. It was founded in May 2007 with a vision to help install, upgrade and repair computer networks in homes and businesses. Today, Triplet provides a variety of managed and cloud IT solutions and support, including VoIP options, for its customers throughout New England.

At first, Triplet provided hosted VoIP services through its own server in Concord. With only one location, they were not able to provide the security and stability of a multi-server provider. They were also looking for a partner to manage the service side as well. This is when they came to Appia. 

Today, Triplet uses Appia’s colocation services, virtual servers, and SIP trunking to provide its Triplet Voice service, and Appia’s NOC Specialists manage all aspects of the process - from equipment to software to connectivity – for its customers. “This move allowed us to have the security of complete redundancy of Appia’s multiple server locations for our customers while Appia takes care of the service side,” says Triplet COO, Richard Boone. “Plus, Appia has great customer service.”

Triplet was unhappy with the performance of the traditional PBX system it was using so they were extremely excited when Appia announced its MetaSwitch option last spring and were one of the first wholesalers to get onboard. As a result of their positive experience, Triplet is in the process of transitioning the rest of their customers to Appia’s new fully hosted MetaSwitch product. Their goal is to complete the transition over the next six months.

To stay on top of the process, Appia’s transition team, that includes Jason Ulm, Brian Conway and Alissa Xander, host a weekly progress meeting for Triplet staff. “These weekly meetings help prevent the inevitability of procrastination and keep everyone on the same page,” says Boone. “We recently ported over an existing customer with 25 lines from our hosted PBX to the MetaSwitch. It was a seamless transition.”

According to Jason, “The evolution of Appia’s partnership with Triplet is a perfect example of our commitment as a provider. We strive to meet our customers where they are today and evolve our service options so that we are can continue to serve their needs as they grow into the future.”

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