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Appia Communications Certifies Interoperability with VTech

St. Louis, MS, May 1, 2017—Appia Communications, a leading provider in cloud-based business communication and networking services, and VTech Communications, Inc., a global leader and manufacturer of SIP-based phones, have certified interoperability.

The two companies have joined forces to provide businesses across the country with reliable, cost-effective, and flexible business communication systems.

“We are very excited to expand our partnership with VTech to provide Appia customers with the reliable and affordable communication solutions they have come to expect from us,” said Jason Ulm, Appia’s vice president of sales. “VTech’s expertise in business phones is a perfect complement to Appia’s hosted platform, making this a valuable partnership for us as Appia continues to grow.”

Comprehensive tests included auto-provisioning and interoperability of Appia platforms for hosted and on-premise deployment with VTech SIP phones, including:

  • VSP715 ErisTerminal® SIP Deskset: supports up to 2 SIP accounts
  • VSP725 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 3 SIP accounts
  • VSP726 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 4 SIP accounts
  • VSP735 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 5 SIP accounts
  • VSP736 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset: supports up to 6 SIP accounts
  • VCS752 ErisStation®SIP Conference Phone with Two Wireless Mics: supports up to 3 SIP accounts/Bluetooth® connectivity for headset and mobile devices
  • VCS754 ErisStationSIP Conference Phone with Four Wireless Mics: supports up to 3 SIP accounts
  • VCS850 ErisStationSIP Expansion Wireless Speakerphone: requires VCS752 to operate
  • VSP600 ErisTerminal SIP Base Station and Cordless Handset: supports up to 6 cordless handsets/desksets
  • VSP601 ErisTerminal SIP Cordless Handset
  • VSP608 ErisTerminal SIP Cordless Deskset

“Our partnership with Appia will help bring more affordable, high-quality SIP options to service providers and end users around the world,” said Graham Williams, vice president, Business Phones Division, VTech Communications. “Appia’s IP PBX solutions and VTech phones will help meet more customer needs, and increase flexibility and productivity in the workplace.”

VTech ErisTerminal SIP phones are available in feature-rich desktops, conference phones, as well as convenient cordless models, and leverage different cloud, hosted and open-source telephony solutions without negatively impacting network traffic. Two desktop models, the VSP726 and the VSP736, offer high-quality audio and support for multiple lines, while a cordless handset option, the VSP601, shares the same HD audio and support for multiple lines as the desktop models with added mobility. The entire line of ErisTerminal phones are built on a DECT 6.0 platform, providing a clear connection while making the system easily expandable with additional cordless accessories.

Businesses can expand the system up to an unlimited number of desktop phones, and up to six cordless handsets for every one VSP600 cordless base station. This means users can leave their desk and enjoy DECT 6.0 sound quality and reception on a cordless handset. The corded phone models also feature power over Ethernet (PoE) with dual Ethernet ports. Using this technology, employees at a business like an auto dealership, manufacturing facility or retail store could place base phones throughout the facility and easily move up to 150 feet away using a cordless handset.

Businesses can also improve their meetings with VTech ErisStation conference phones with two wireless mics, which scale from small offices to large conference rooms. The VCS752 features Bluetooth technology for hands-free calls and connectivity to headsets and mobile devices. For large meetings, participants can pair up to three VCS850 Expansion Wireless Speakerphones to the VCS752 for increased volume and microphone pickup.

About Appia

Appia Communications is a leading provider of Cloud-based communication and networking services.  Its solutions enable customers to reduce capital spending and operating costs, and enhance productivity and customer care.   Founded in 2001, Appia has operations in Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Washington, DC. Appia’s customers represent every major industry vertical; range from 20 to over 60,000 employees, and are located across the U.S. and Europe.  Appia has been recognized as one of America’s fastest - growing private companies by Inc. magazine; one of the fastest-growing solution providers in the technology industry by CRN, and one of the top five managed service providers in the world by MSP Mentor.

Appia Media Contact:  

Katherine Rains                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                                           331-444-0042                                                                                                                                                                                                                    krains@appiaservices.com

About VTech Communications, Inc.

VTech provides a diverse collection of telecommunication products that elevate the business consumer experience through state-of-the-art technology and design. The Group’s business phones scale from small operations to enterprise-level corporations. They are sold through a wide network of trusted partners and are backed by industry-leading warranties and U.S.-based training and support. The company has recently added an award-winning collection of SIP phone systems, featuring compatibility with hosted and open-source PBX platforms.

Founded in 1976, VTech is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless phones and the global leader in electronic learning products from infancy through toddler and preschool. It also provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services. VTech’s mission is to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality products in a manner that minimizes any impact on the environment, while creating sustainable value for its stakeholders and the community. For more information, please visit businessphones.vtech.com.

VTech® is a registered trademark of VTech Holdings Ltd. ErisTerminal® and ErisStation® are trademarks of VTech Communications, Inc. The Bluetooth® wordmark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by VTech is under license.

VTech Media Contact:

Stephanie Fazio                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Advertising & Public Relations Manager  503-596-1248                                                                                                                                                                                                                    sfazio@vtechphones.com

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