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A Model Partnership: Creating Value for Everyone

How Appia and Communications Unlimited Helped a CPA Get More for Less

Communications Unlimited has been working with Appia for just over a year and a half to provide Hosted PBX services to a large, Chicago-based, CPA firm. When the CPA firm was switching to a Hosted PBX, they were looking specifically for exceptional service with mobility for their CPAs, who were often at clients’ sites and felt disconnected from headquarters. Since choosing Communications Unlimited, and Appia’s Hosted PBX services, they’ve continued to add phones and grow their office space.

However, the CPA firm decided to see if they could improve the quality of sound even further, so they reached out to Communications Unlimited again, this time, to move away from the internet connection accessing their Hosted PBX and to try something better.

Communications Unlimited was happy to help. By using Appia for a direct connection over a T1 circuit, the CPA firm was able to use its quality of service features to improve the sound on their phones. And they got this dedicated connection for less per month than the old internet connection. The definition of doing more with less. Communications Unlimited not only helped their customer yet again but increased their share of wallet leveraging a service they typically didn’t provide.

In the words of Stephan Magenta, Consultant for Communications Unlimited, “to ensure the upmost quality of sound, they (CPA firm) decided to switch from their traditional internet service to a direct connection with Appia. They did this for both the guaranteed quality of service that Appia provides with their T1 and for the lower overall telecom cost, as the Appia T1 was more cost effective than their internet service. So, we got them more for less.”

For Appia, delighting end-customers with exceptional service and providing a large suite of services for partners to use means everybody’s happy. And that’s when you know you’re doing business the right way.

The partnership between Communications Unlimited and Appia is a model for how the channel can continue to drive value for direct customers. With a real dedication to supporting end customers, providing a reliable network and offering an expansive suite of business technology services, Appia helps you provide quality service your customers will love.

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