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A Model Partnership: Appia Video Communicator and a Growing Dental Practice

With multiple locations, Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates is a thriving dental practice providing pediatric, cosmetic, orthodontic and general dentistry in Nashville. But with four busy locations spread up to 40 miles apart, it was getting harder to communicate efficiently and effectively between offices. Everyone agreed that regular meetings between offices were useful and necessary, but were increasingly difficult to coordinate and schedule.

Snodgrass-King needed to bring everyone together in a way that suited the on-demand nature of a bustling dental practice. That meant giving staff the ability to meet and collaborate whenever they needed, without spending unproductive time traveling to and from other offices. Appia partner Matthew McWhorter suggested that Snodgrass-King investigate Appia Video Communication as a possible solution. Video was an option they hadn't considered before, but the more they learned, the more they liked it.

"Meeting face-to-face over video would solve a big part of their problem, but the Appia solution brought some additional benefits as well," McWhorter said. "In working with the team at Snodgrass-King and with their IT provider, we showed that they'd be able to use AVC for more than just office meetings."

Most important, AVC's desktop sharing features worked seamlessly with Snodgrass-King's existing tech hardware and dental software. With AVC's end-to-end, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, doctors at separate offices could now share and discuss x-rays and other images in real time without concern about patient privacy.

Snodgrass-King also saw in video communication a better way to conduct trainings and supplier demos. Instead of pulling staff to one location-or sending out one rep to conduct the same session multiple times-they could conduct these sessions live, with one rep, from one office, and at one time. For employees who missed a meeting, AVC sessions could be recorded and played back later.

Snodgrass-King implemented AVC at all four of its locations, leveraging Appia for video CPUs, Sony pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and conference microphones. Appia's flexible deployment options allowed Snodgrass-King to utilize LCD TVs that were already available at each site.

"The performance has been good," said Melody Snodgrass, owner and operations manager of Snodgrass-King. "Everybody likes that AVC is easy to use, and we like the quality of the audio and video. But most importantly, we're enjoying the more efficient use of our time. It's easier to have meetings when needed. We can respond more quickly and conduct sessions without a lot of planning and without any travel."

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