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8 Ways to Enhance Your Microsoft Teams Cyber Security in 2022

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pexels-cottonbro-5483077Microsoft Teams offers an effective tool for collaboration and communication. However, the recent spike in cyberattacks and users' poor security practices have made Teams vulnerable to all kinds of data breaches. You can make Teams safer and prevent cyberattacks in 2022.

Here are some ways to improve cyber security for your Microsoft Teams in 2022:

1.      Back up your data

Cyber attackers may break into your data systems and lock you out to occasion devastating downtimes. The criminals may even demand an inordinately huge ransom to surrender your data back to you. Without backup copies of your critical data, you will face business-threatening disruptions. In fact, recovery attempts will amount to nothing without proper data backup strategies.

2.      Institutionalize robust IT security policies

Cyber criminals will stop at anything in their nefarious activities, and will continue targeting weaknesses in data systems, especially your Microsoft Teams account. You need comprehensive IT security policies to keep them at bay, such as never using unsecured WI-FI connections, logging into your IT systems through trusted devices, and never sharing login credentials.

3.      Undertake cyber security training and education

Since cyber attackers seem to be getting smart, you need to ensure all members of your entire staff are smarter. You can achieve this feat through regular training of your staff on the emerging data threats and ways to ward them off from your business. Most Microsoft Teams users fall prey to hackers out of ignorance.

4.      Update software and hardware regularly

Outdated software and hardware may provide loopholes for cyber criminals to exploit and try to gain entry into your IT networks. Old software and hardware may also contain bugs which criminals can use to launch sophisticated attacks on your systems through Microsoft Teams. Be sure to update them regularly in 2022 and beyond.

5.      Get the right security tools

For your organization to continue using Microsoft Teams safely in 2022, you need to get reliable security tools for your teams. These tools include VPNs to encrypt data shared via Teams and protect their online identities, and premium firewalls to protect your networks from external attacks, among other useful tools. You also need various encryption tools to secure your data on transit, protect user privacy and prevent identity theft.

6.      Implement password policies

Cyber attackers are banking on the possibility of your teams using weak passwords to secure your data, as well as your Microsoft Teams accounts. You need to have a policy in place to ensure that all users create and employ hard-to-break passwords. Some strong password policies include:

  • Activating Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all devices
  • Ensure only those passwords with more than 8 characters, including special characters, and numbers are accepted
  • Blocking access after multiple login attempts
  • Allowing only recognizable devices to log into your networks.

7.      Use secure internet connection

Remote users could expose your organization to a multitude of cyber security risks. Your Teams members have to ensure they use internet security tools such as premium anti-viruses, to lower data risks while working remotely. You can also ensure they follow strict protocols even when working from home. For instance, you could advise them to ditch unsecured home WI-FI, and use their cell phone broadband, instead.

Secure your Microsoft Teams with CallTower

Microsoft Teams makes remote work – or working from home – a breeze. But it comes with various cyber security risks you should assess and beat in 2022 and beyond. Robust IT security policies, regular data backups, and using secure internet connections, can go a long way to make your Teams safer to use. If you need help securing your Microsoft Teams and the entire IT network, please reach out for a consultation today:



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