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6 Tips to look great on a webcam for a video conference

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If your in the field of business today then there is a good chance that at some point you have or will have to be apart of a video conference. It is a huge way of communication today, it allows people to collaborate from anywhere in the world. While it is amazing to have the capability to do this, there can definitely be some downsides to technology if you don't know what you are doing. Use these 6 tips to ensure that you look great on video and have an amazing video conference experience.

1) Use a plain background

You should always use a plain background when you are going to be on video. If you are using a background that is too busy then it will draw the viewers attention away from you while when it is plain you will have all of the attention. A solid, not bright colored wall is perfect for a background.

2) Use lots of light

You want to make sure that you are creating a clear lit image of yourself on the camera. You want to make sure that the light isn't behind you so that it doesn't create any glare. Ideally you should have light either behind the webcam or to your sides so that your face can be fully lit, creating a clear image for the viewer.

3) Minimize movement

The less movement your making while your on webcam, the better the experience will be. When you make quick movements it can cause motion blur. Motion blur causes the viewer to see a very pixelated image and can cause them to not be able to interpret the emotions of the other person very well.

4) Look into the camera

When you are talking to someone in a business environment, you want to be looking them in the eyes so that they know that you are engaged in the conversation. The same obviously goes for a video conference, but not everyone does this naturally. People are usually drawn to look at the screen so that they can see the other person. Unfortunately, to the viewer it appears that you are looking downwards because the camera is above the screen. In order to have the best experience possible, make sure that you look right into the camera.

5) Rehearse for your business meeting

Before we get into it, you should always make sure that the webcam is working, and that the lighting is correct. From there, you should always rehearse before you go into your meeting. That way when you are in your meeting you are prepared for every situation. For example, you should see if there are certain angles or zooms that work better or worse for you and your specific setup. Lastly, rehearse what needs to be said in the conference so that everything flows properly in your meeting.

webcam6) Buy a quality webcam

Sometimes an external webcam is your best option. They are generally a better quality product then the ones that are built into our computers today. They will provide a high grade HD video for you so that you can have the perfect video conference.

Now that you have read our 6 tips on looking great on a webcam for a video conference, you have no excuse. Use the tools that are at your disposal to make your video conferencing experience the best it can be, and in the process make your business as successful as possible.

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