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5 Ways Online Conferencing will Save Your Business Money Immediately

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Unified Communications can benefit your business

Unified Communications is a valuable tool that businesses of all sizes use to add significant benefit to their organizations.  It not only improves and enhances communication and collaboration internally and externally within your business, but it makes it easier and more efficient as well!  You can utilize the product in a variety of ways and it can add benefits from cutting costs, adding an extra layer of security, improving efficiency and productivity as well as making training and interviewing new and potential employees easier and less time consuming. 

 This blog will discuss several ways unified communications and collaboration can help your business meet and exceed your goals and expectations.

1.  Cut excess costs

The first way that unified communications and collaboration can help your business is that it can help significantly cut your travel costs.  If your job requires you to travel across the country or across town, UC can make it easier.  Instead of leaving the office and traveling to clients or customers, use the conferencing in your unified communications product!  The product also allows you the ability to share your screen, present documents, spreadsheets and presentations as well as send instant messages.  You will be able to meet with your customer or client while retaining the ability to engage with them as if you were sitting in the same room. 

2.  Improve and enhance your organization’s information security

Unified Communications products also allow you to enhance your security.  With UC hosting its information via the cloud, your documents, presentations, contacts and emails are securely hosted, so if you have issues on premise, you can rest assured that your information is safe.  The screen share feature also has an added layer of security by allowing you to specify which application you would like to share with those that you are meeting with.  This means that if you share your desktop and an email message pops up, or if you have a window with confidential information open in the background, those in the conference will ONLY be able to see your desktop.  All other tools and windows on your PC will not be visible to the users.

3.  Make your business work more efficiently and more productively

One of Unified Communications and collaboration’s biggest selling points is the efficiency and productivity it brings into your organization.  Let’s say you have a quick question for a co-worker.  Under normal circumstances you would either give them a call or send them an email and wait for a reply.  This can cause issues if the co-worker is already on a call, or unable to take your call.  You may be waiting close to an hour or more for a response to a question that only takes a minute to reply to!  With UC you can send your co-worker a quick instant message that they can receive and respond to even if they are on a call!  You can get your questions answered quickly and easily, and avoid clogging up inboxes or leaving voicemails and waiting for a response.  This is one of the many ways UC can significantly improve your productivity and efficiency in your business or organization.

4.  With UC, training and interviewing has never been easier

Unified Communications also makes the training and interviewing process much easier and cost effective.  If you have several potential employees that you want to interview, you can streamline the process by asking each individual to join a web conference with you.  This allows you to meet the applicant face to face while eliminating the need for them to travel to your office, and for you to lose time in the event of a late arrival or missed appointment.  This is also advantageous for businesses that host regular training sessions or seminars.  You can get any number of employees to join your training session no matter their location, and you can also record your training sessions so that in the future you can send the link to the recording to employees. 

5.  UC is designed with your business’ goals in mind

Unified Communications is designed with the end user in mind.  To make your workday easier and more efficient, and to cut excess costs.  No matter what your business or organization’s size is, you can benefit significantly from UC and collaboration products.  Contact us today to learn more about our UC product offering and service portfolio.

Schedule your Skype for Business Demo Today & find out how this powerful tool can maximize efficiency and reduce cost in your business! 



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