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5 Microsoft Teams Tips for Boosting Productivity

February 7, 2019

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business-computer-contemporary-669996It's time to use Microsoft Teams to raise productivity numbers

Microsoft Teams is a communication channel - excellent for conversing about inside business affairs, collaborating on projects, or for becoming familiar with current and new colleagues.  Teams was placed on the market as a way to save businesses and organizations like yours time and money. The application eliminates the need for constant emails, meetings just to accomplish small projects or tasks, and it can also eliminate the paper trail that your departments are faced with yearly. Teams can also be used to create a more laid-back atmosphere in your workplace that will allow everyone to feel at ease when they are working.

While you have probably heard of others talking about Microsoft Teams and the benefits they have enjoyed, it is important that you know of other features that you may not be aware of. Here are a few Microsoft Teams tips and strategies that could be the difference makers in your workplace.

1. Use Different Channels

Microsoft Teams will give you the ability you need to improve the organization of your workplace conversations based on the various projects by using teams and channels. This software is also being used to distinguish between friendly office conversations and serious conversations that are related to work-related projects.

These channels can be easily created and they should be created in a simple and easy manner so that everything can remain on track. When you create these channels, we encourage you to invite those who will be relevant to the situation. At the peak of the channel, you will have the ability to see all the information that has been shared since the early stages, such as files, audio, video, etc.

2. Collaboration

The projects, assignments, and cases can be shared through Teams so all contributors can put their ideas and opinions in. Team members will also have the opportunity to help with certain tasks throughout the course of the project. When projects and assignments can be shared, a proactive and more efficient environment will be in effect because it will encourage others to try new things and develop their overall skills.

3. Collect Information with Forms

Microsoft Teams allows you to create polls that will become an effective tool when decisions need to be made quickly. When you are using Teams combined with Microsoft Forms. You will easily be able to provide an improved streamlined solution. When using Microsoft Forms, you will be able to post your question and provide the answers to your choice.

4. Notification Customization

When you are trying to figure out how to use Teams, it is very important that you choose your notifications correctly. If you do not want to be interrupted by disruptions on an hour-to-hour basis by different channels, you can tell Teams how many times you would like to be updated on different projects. You will even have the opportunity to adjust your notifications on your mobile device and your computer.

5. Integrating Microsoft Teams

Did you know you can integrate Teams with other applications and tools you are using to improve your business? When you integrate other business applications, you will give your team the ability to access files, share files, edit files, etc. whenever a project is used in Teams. The team members will never have to make changes to the context in order to achieve the proper results. You can also use Teams to integrate multiple channels with your email accounts and your social media networks.

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