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4 Weekly Channel Sales Activities to Increase Your Volume

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apple-calendar-desk-196650It's true: more sales activity means more sales. However, the sales reps who have ever pounded their fist on their desk or thrown something against the room because they were frustrated about not motivating their sales team or close more deals might disagree with the statement. 

We know that increasing sales activity requires a wide range of approaches. Sometimes, the fact that a workplace has utilized a variety of approaches can be the very thing that does the trick. Variety is more than just the spice of life; variety can also be the key you have been looking for when trying to increase your sales.

Here are a few weekly channel sales activities you can use to increase your volume and create a game plan for success

Creating More Opportunities

One of the best things you can do drive success year after year is to increase your visibility. Visibility will create a greater amount of opportunities for you. Each week, you will be able to increase your visibility by being active online, sharing your activity, and engaging with buyers online. When you are visible and people know you are active, you may be surprised at how many new and exciting opportunities you will be able to create for yourself and your sales team. 

Keep An Eye On Your Calendar

Every week, you can take the time to evaluate how much time you spent on the following:

  • prospecting
  • conversations regarding sales
  • follow-up conversations
  • operational tasks
  • administrative tasks

After you have reviewed your calendar, you will be able to make a better schedule for the next week and the weeks after that. Your sales calendar will often have meetings and other tasks that can make it difficult to be successful at prospecting. The additional meetings and administration time can also make it difficult to have conversations regarding sales or handle customer work. If anything will get in the way of your selling, you can always say no to those things.

Place More Attention On Buyers

Place a significant amount of attention and focus on who your buyers are and center your conversations around them. Do not place all of your attention on you or what your company does. Ask your customers questions about themselves and find out what is important to the growth of their company. Customize all of your messages and your interactions for your different buyers so they will show interest, show that you care about their needs, and that your products and services can add value to their company

Practice Your Presentation

If you want to have more success in sales, we encourage you to practice your presentation. It does not matter if you are giving a sales presentation or if you are cold calling or cold emailing, you will always need to be prepared. You must have all of the key information you need right at your fingertips. You may also want to prepare the questions you plan to ask from the start of the conversation to the end. Before calling or making your presentation, you may also want to create a checklist. Regardless of how confident you may feel, you should always review everything ahead of time so you will not miss an opportunity. 

Sales representatives are always looking for ways they can be of use to current and potential customers. When you are empathetic to their needs and wants, their level of trust in you will increase. One of the best selling approaches you can take is helping your customers. 



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