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4 Cisco Webex Features to Upgrade Your Team Collaboration

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pexels-fauxels-3183150Many businesses and organizations are operating in an active business environment. As a result of the working environments being so dynamic, more businesses and organizations are looking for more ways to improve their communication processes. Improving communication, productivity, and team collaboration should all be a part of your strategy if you are aiming for communication improvements. 

However, reaching that goal is not always an easy task. How can your business or organization fight substandard communication habits and management obstructions? Thankfully, there is a leading enterprise solution known as Cisco Webex.

Cisco Webex can provide your business environment the tools and solutions you need to bring all of your teams together. This leading solution can also provide your teams with everything they need to communicate and collaborate in real-time with a variety of useful features. 

Video Meetings

Regardless of the jobs we are responsible for, we have to get things done. We have all witnessed how impactful and essential meetings can be. When everyone can meet and collaborate from any location, so many things can be accomplished. Webex understands the importance of meetings, and this solution can deliver high-quality experiences each time so the meetings can always be productive.

Video meetings should be smart and easy, and Cisco Webex provides high-quality conferencing for up to six participants. All participants who take part in the video meeting will have their own video feed. This video feed can be easily opened in the meeting room. There will not be any difficulties in hearing the participant who is speaking because there is technology that allows participants to switch the video feed. 

In the video conferencing feature, there are no limitations on the type of webcams that can be supported. It will not matter what type of system a participant is using, Webex's video conferencing feature will support it. 

Integrated Communication

Anyone has the ability to join video meetings, even those who do not have video capabilities. How is this possible? Teleconferencing. Teleconferencing is an incredible benefit of Cisco Webex because it allows participants to request a callback. After requesting a callback, the participant will be able to accept the meeting. 

Anyone who wants to accept the meeting will be able to do so through Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP). Through VoIP, participants can use microphones or headsets and be an active participant without the video feed. The video meeting host will be able to control the various types of communications that are coming in. 

Screen Sharing and Whiteboarding 

One of the most impactful features of Webex is that it allows participants to see what others are doing on their desktops. Whiteboarding involves the placement of shared files on an on-screen whiteboard. Everyone in the meeting will be able to see the notes, and they will have the ability to add to what has already been created. 

The whiteboarding feature can be incredibly useful because it allows everyone to convey their ideas visually. Brainstorming takes places in meetings, and the whiteboarding feature can lead to better decisions while doing so. Sharing permissions can be set by the host of the Webex meeting, and this control can also be passed down to one of the participants in the meeting.

Platform Compatibility

One of the best features of Cisco Webex is its ability to support multiple platforms. Every participant does not have to use the same type of device or system that the other participants are using because Webex enable cross-platform operations. Regardless of the type of devices that will be used, all information will be secure and protected. 

You will not have to worry about your documents or passwords being leaked and shared because Cisco provides an outstanding level of data protection for all devices and platforms that are being used. You will not have to worry about security problems or network problems because Cisco is equipped to handle multiple platforms on multiple networks.

The needs of your business or organization will continue to change. As a result, you are going to need leading enterprise solutions that will be able to keep up with the changes that will be made. If you want to be able to deliver the best communication and collaboration strategies, contact us today for more information about Cisco Webex and its features by clicking below: 



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