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3 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Channel Sales Rep

July 5, 2019

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blur-cellphone-close-up-288530Sellers who are motivated will work longer and try harder on a consistent basis because they understand that the end reward is not just in the finishing results, but in the actual work itself. If you have a channel partner sales team that consists of individuals who are driven and determined, you will see an increase in sales. How can you get motivated in the beginning? What can motivate you as a sales rep?

The answer can be pretty simple when you think about it. You can believe in the product or services you're selling while making the path to sell those products and services easier. While sales incentives and other rewards can pay major dividends, it is generally not as effective as believing in the products and making it easier to sell. You will also see an increase in your overall sales figures when recognition and pride are part of the equation.

Pride In Yourself

Pride is a deciding factor in many of the decisions we make as humans. You can accept that you'll feel pride in yourself by selling more products or services. Sales representatives can be proud of the work they are producing. In addition, you can take pride in the fact that you are increasing your sales numbers each quarter or that you're at the top of their sales team. There are a number of metrics that channel sales reps can find motivation in. 

When we think about what will motivate you as a channel sales rep, it can seem that the above metrics are fairly connected. Receiving a reward or incentive can be enough motivation for some, but the pride the channel sales rep receives from being recognized can also be a motivating factor to continue being a productive channel sales rep. 

Confidence In Selling

Another key factor that will motivate you is having products and services they can stand by and stand behind. If you can actually buy in when it comes to your products and services, it will make it so much easier to sell the products to others who also want it. You will need to make sure the product is marketable so you would actually buy it if you actually needed it for business or personal purposes. 

If you see value in the products and services you're selling, then you'll certainly be motivated and encouraged to make a sale. You'll have leverage in other areas as well. When you have a positive attitude, this attitude will often rub off on others. We encourage you to give yourself a chance to find a need and a value in what you are offering because you can use that positive and optimistic attitude to increase sales.

The Selling Experience

You don't like spending your entire day trying to navigate through your IT systems or in-person administration just to start working. Sometimes due to the difficulties or complexities of channel partnerships, there can be many hurdles and hoops to get through. There are barriers that will want to make you want to run away instead of wanting to get work done.

It does not matter how difficult the deals may be that you're working on might be, you want to have the tools and resources they need that will make the selling experience easier. You're there to make the sale so it is important that you're allowed to do that with ease. Eliminate the hoops and hurdles so you'll no longer feel discouraged or distracted.

Of times, one of the challenges in determining what will motivate or drive yourself is not finding the major areas that you can focus your attention on. The challenge is often all in the details, such as determining how you can get the buy-in attitude - be sure to get the details right.

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