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3 Ways to Boost Channel Sales with Content Marketing

June 20, 2019

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cellphone-device-digital-marketing-893893The role of the buyer has completely changed: they are now in the front of the line when it comes to the sales process. Technology is giving consumers more power, they can find any type of content whenever they want, and some consumers are a little hesitant to trust the traditional marketing and advertising methods. Today, in order to sell in the channel, it is vital to use marketing content that will keep your customers engaged. 

Having the right content can transform channel representatives into teachers. Channel representatives will become the main sources of information and not just someone who is repeating lines from a sheet of paper. Channel representatives will become people who can solve problems because they understand all of the challenges and problems that their prospects are facing.

Channel reps also become leaders who have the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their prospects, and provides encouragement for them to do things in a different manner. Sales reps can be compared to coaches because of the way they are able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their prospects while still doing the right things that will encourage their prospects.

In order to successfully sell in the channel, it is highly important to remember that you are selling more than a product or a service; you are selling an answer to a problem that your end users are having. The way your advertising and marketing content reflects this is important. There are many ways to increase sales with improved marketing content.

Produce The Right Content

Marketers are spending multiple hours a day creating the perfect content. However, if members of your target audience do not know where to find that content, was it all worth it? The marketing content that is created should connect with the channel sales reps. Indirect sales representatives need to have material that is current and relevant. Channel reps will need to know that the content they have is more than an attachment file they will send in an email after the first meeting. 

Buyers will need to have marketing content that resonates with them. The content needs to be used across the entire stage of the sales cycle. Content that is used in the proper manner will help improve your brand's reputation. The best relationships are formed with partners who are always engaged with the brand so customers and potential customers can be served better. Sales and marketing are connected because they can result in higher conversion rates.

Working with the marketing team on future campaigns can result in an excellent collaboration that will empower indirect sales reps to fulfill all the needs of your users. 

Result-Oriented Content

We know that resellers are selling a variety of services and products, and sometimes the products and services are from companies you are competing against. Since this can be the case, it is important that resellers will think of your products and services first. This is why it is important to remember that content marketing is not something you will want to create and forget about.  What are you doing to make it easy for your reps to sell more products? 

You can make it easier on sales reps by arranging content based on a variety of things, including sales cycle stages, outcomes, and personas. When content is arranged into various stages, it will take some of the pressure out of the situation. Personalized or customized content will keep partners up-to-date on services and products that will help them reach more customers in an efficient and effective manner.

Measuring The Relationship

There are many reasons to measure a relationship with a sales rep. One of the first reasons is that the key to a strong relationship is trust, and this means there needs to be flexibility when it comes to making adjustments that will improve performance rates. No one will know what steps need to be taken if neither side knows that is going on. When a channel partner is not performing at the expected level, you will need to know quickly so the problem can be addressed. 

The problem that you are having will either need to be fixed or you can make the decision to cut a channel partner from the program. However, you will only be able to make this decision if all sides or connected and there are open lines of communication. Affiliates and channel partners are part of your customer base, and it is important that these relationships are reviewed.

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