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CallTower is a pioneer in voice enablement, delivering hosted solutions and enabling business customers to connect since 2002.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CallTower has been voice enabling Microsoft solutions, like Teams since 2013.

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Our monitoring and management services ensure the highest quality user experience. CallTower's Microsoft Teams Direct Routing enables customers to bring their current voice serves into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing. Direct Routing ensures the ability to leverage CallTower’s preferred rates and unlocks the full potential of a Microsoft Teams Phone System. CallTower's Microsoft Managed Partner Network (MPN) further enables the customer experience through license management, design and migration of their products along with robust training and single point of contact for Office 365 and voice support. CallTower delivers an integrated Office 365 Microsoft Teams experience with online administrative provisioning and global calling plans empowered by a 24/7/365 US-based client services team, personalized implementation, migration, adoption, training and ongoing account management.

With CallTower, Teams customers can easily redirect calls to an alternative number and stay connected. As a voice solutions provider, we handle Direct Routing using a service-provider level platform with flexibility and reliability.  Today, if you need your numbers redirected quickly, we can get it done! We have control of the phone numbers and build routing to easily keep your communications up and running, even in the event of a Microsoft cloud outage.  

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Price Comparison Guide

Why choose CallTower's Direct Routing for Teams over Microsoft?

CallTower delivers an integrated Office 365 Microsoft Teams experience with global calling plans. Our customers are empowered by our dedicated client services team, ensuring customized migration designs, hands-on implementation, in-person training and US-based 24/7/365 support.

Download the cost savings comparison guide today and discover the savings.

CallTower's Microsoft Voice Solutions

CallTower's Microsoft Voice Solutions

We have put together a white paper detailing our Microsoft Voice solutions. There are vast differences between your current Skype for Business solution and Microsoft Teams - these are two very different solutions. 

Check out our White Paper on CallTower's Microsoft Voice Solutions.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is based on the chat collaboration tool from the Office 365 suite of services. Teams enables groups to work together and collaborate through a common workspace, using features such as team chat, one-on-one chat and document collaboration. Teams has been further enhanced with online meetings, phone system & calling plans, and other features to mirror Skype for Business Online.  Check out our video to learn more about Microsoft Teams and CallTower's Calling Plans.  

CallTower's Managed Partner Network

CallTower's Relationship with Microsoft

CallTower is a Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience in the UC and collaboration space. CallTower is closely aligned with Microsoft Teams timeline and strategy.

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Enabling GCC High with Voice and Audio Conferencing via Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft GCC High is designed to meet the unique security and compliance requirements of the Defense Industrial Base. With the challenge of the global coronavirus pandemic and the evolving nature of the workplace, more and more companies are demanding collaborative voice and audio-conferencing options within C3’s GCC High solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is full service (dial tone, E911, etc.) CallTower Direct Routing for Teams only available for domestic US customers?
A: CallTower provides Direct Routing services in about 70 countries, but other features are not available everywhere. For example,E911 is available in some countries, but the offering is limited. Microsoft does not offer 911 outside the US, upon our last review.

Q: Do customers need an SBC at every site?
A: No, there is no equipment or SBC needed at any site.

Q: What APIs do you support that Microsoft does not?
A: Microsoft has yet to open the API to any providers. CallTower overlays our API-enabled contact center to many CRMs in an effort to support customers who need more telephony complex designs which are unsupported by Microsoft.

Q: Does your direct routing require a 3rd party client for the calling?
A: No, with direct routing the calling experience happens within the Teams client.

Q: What Microsoft License type do I need in order to add CallTower’s direct routing?
A: In order to add voice to Teams the company would need to be on either an E1+Phone System, E3+Phone System or E5 which includes Phone System.

Q: Can I use any SIP enabled phone in the Teams environment?
A: No, you can leverage the Teams clients or Teams certified devices. Skype certified devices can also be used until July 2023.

Q: Can CallTower help my organization purchase the correct O365 licenses in order to use Teams voice?
A: Yes, CallTower is a Microsoft Gold partner and therefore, in most cases, can help your organization purchase the correct licenses.

Q: Do your calling plans leverage Microsoft’s calling plans at $12.00 a licenses?
A: No, CallTower Direct Routing Plans do not Require Microsoft Calling Plan licenses

Q: Can I use a CallTower calling plan in the US and a Microsoft Calling plan internationally?
A: You can mix and match multiple Direct Routing Partners including Microsoft Calling Plans.

Q: Does CallTower offer any ancillary add on’s that can enhance the Teams experience?
A: There are a number of enhancements to you Teams deployment.

Q: Does CallTower offer implementation services or am I on my own?
A: CallTower will assist with the implementation to ensure full adoption across your organization. We can more fully integrate with your implementation if you are on our CSP and purchase licensing from us.

Microsoft Communication Solutions - Crash Course

Microsoft Communication Solutions // Crash Course

Do you know everything you need to about Microsoft’s Communication Solutions? Microsoft Office 365’s comprehensive dynamic and flexible communication solutions are scalable for today’s growing business needs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CallTower’s Native Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Office 365 are the solutions your business needs to stay connected and stay ahead.

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