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6 Critical Collaboration Features in Cisco Webex Teams

July 20, 2020

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www.calltower.comwp-contentuploads202003webex-teams-Jul-17-2020-03-28-46-25-PMCisco WebEx Teams is one of the global leaders in the collaboration platform, regardless of the stiff competition in today's industry. Webex Teams has witnessed an upsurge in its traffic that makes even the most ardent naysayers wonder what makes WebEx Teams so outstanding. Analyzing Cisco’s collaboration features will give more insight and help you determine if it is right for you. Here are few of the best features Cisco WebEx Teams has to offer.
  • High-Quality Video Conferencing: WebEx Teams offers awesome high definition video and audio quality. Its customizable layouts enhance visibility of participants regardless of their number. The full-screen layout can be used to show just the person talking at the moment. The grid view shows a multi-stream of all participants like they are all in the same room.  Navigations can be made seamlessly during video calls without interrupting the flow of meetings. To enhance attendees’ visibility, it supports USB connections from any webcam or camera. This way, meetings are more engaging, seamless and effective for users.
  • Cross-Platform, Functional and Geographic Versatility: Webex Teams can be used on desktops, Android, IOS or Mac devices. In addition, users need not worry about possible leakage of sensitive info. To enhance collaboration experiences, Webex Teams allows a series of app integrations. It allows integrations with vital productivity tools like Excel and others.  There are Cisco data centers located strategically across the globe. Every user can enjoy high bandwidth transmissions for video conferencing sessions. As a result, meetings can flow without interruptions caused by network lags. Geographic location is not a barrier to collaborations on Webex Teams. Its services can be accessed from every part of the world.
  • File and Desktop Sharing: Desktop and file sharing is one of WebEx Teams' powerful video conferencing features. WebEx has been optimized for rapid sharing of content. You can share files, attachments, photos, videos, GIFs, desktop and desktop screenshots. The host sets the file-sharing permissions and can assign this control to any participant. Applications such as power point presentations and other tools can be shared.  WebEx is one of the few tools that allow video sharing capabilities during live meetings. Using the camera button, attendees can be made visible as they speak. These attendees need to have an attached webcam detected by WebEx. Screen sharing can be deactivated without interrupting conversations.
  • Brainstorming via Whiteboarding: Whiteboarding is an interesting feature on WebEx Teams and Webex Meetings. Whiteboarding is one of the features that make collaboration on WebEx so much easier. The whiteboard is a virtual whiteboard, flip pad or canvas. With the whiteboard, you can make illustrations and annotations for every connected user.  Participants cannot only view but also make inputs on the whiteboard. The whiteboard can be edited by the collaborating participants. This makes sharing of ideas during meetings and presentations so much easier for participants.
  • AI Powered Functionality: Webex Teams makes collaboration sessions more intelligent and productive. WebEx assistant brings Ai capabilities to the list of the tools’ functionality. These AI capabilities offer advantages that may not be obtained during in-person meetings. It performs language translation, closed captioning and transcription.  The WebEx assistant helps you control meetings via voice commands. It can carry out advanced keyword search on all your meeting recordings. Facial recognition helps to provide information about participants in a meeting. These include the names and titles of all participants. Introduction of new participants is made easy during meeting sessions.
  • Security: Cisco is said to have one of the largest end to end security feature. A WebEx Teams' user’s security feature is turned on by default. Users’ data remain private and inaccessible by third party by any means. Webex offers strong password access by default. Every user on a Webex room is assigned a secure meeting ID by default.  Every user will submit a profile picture through the settings page. As meetings progress, the system will scan the participants’ faces and compare with its records. This ID is protected even when screenshots of meeting windows are posted on social media. All security vulnerabilities are disclosed once detected and fixed promptly.

Cisco WebEx Teams is undeniably a perfect tool for businesses of every size. Cisco Webex developers are proactive in meeting users’ needs. As collaboration requirements evolve, so does Cisco’s utility. To see if Webex Teams is the right fit for your organization, please click on the Cisco logo below to sign up for a free consultation from the experts at CallTower:

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