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The UC Journey
The UC Journey

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What is the UC JOURNEY?

The adoption of Unified Communications (UC) continues to accelerate as businesses of all sizes and in all industries recognize the value of bringing together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment. 

However, creating a UC strategy and turning it into an actionable plan can be a daunting challenge. You are likely to encounter questions surrounding features, deployment options, and how to address the many business decisions that will impact the workforce.  Having a comprehensive strategy is a portion of the formula for a successful UC journey. But sometimes the greatest challenge is taking the first step.

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Discovery-Icon-white DISCOVERY

IT and Business leaders should be united and working in a close, collaborative environment during the UC Journey discovery phase. This team will have to navigate a considerable number of complimentary and competing requirements, features, and deployment options to arrive at the ideal UC solution for the users. We have compiled a strategy for navigating the Discovery process.

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Innovation is a Team Sport

Requirements-Icon-white REQUIREMENTS

Unified Communications are transforming the way work gets done. Business owners are diving into the requirements of their organization to determine whether an on-premise or cloud-based solution aligns best with a company’s overall short and long-term goals.

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Decision-Icon-white  DECISION

You’ve assessed your options and determined that your business will benefit from implementing a Unified Communications solutions. It’s time to initiate the partner selection process and investigate vendors. The importance of properly vetting vendors is critical. The vendor you choose will become a long-term business partner, adviser and advocate. 

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13 Key Criteria for UC Vendor Selection
Microsoft Voice Solutions

Implementation-Icon-white IMPLEMENTATION

As you begin any implementation process it is essential to have a solid plan with your hosted provider. Adding IP voice to your UCaaS solution has a different technology focus. Organizations can face any number of complications during the implementation process. Embarking in a UC implementation without a process in place is too risky.

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9 Criteria that are Vital to UCaaS Implementation

Adoption-Icon-white ADOPTION

Many companies are already working hard to adapt or convert their existing communication systems to a unified platform. If you are looking to transition to a UCaaS system, you're going to want to effectively navigate the twists and turns on the road ahead.

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