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Bridge Operator Console Demo


Bridge Operator Console offers a robust feature set, combining call control with presence monitoring on Skype for Business and Cisco platforms

Why Bridge Operator Console?

Organizations often require additional call control features and fast searching capabilities within their Skype for Business client or Cisco Attendant Console. The ability to control calls, utilize several transfer methods and join or record calls has become increasingly critical to stay ahead. BOC provides an efficient and familiar interface solution to fit these needs by leveraging the Skype for Business and Cisco platforms to deliver enterprise-level call control capabilities at an affordable price. 

Powerful, Yet Simple

With a very simple user interface, BOC makes it easy to transfer and park calls, see user statuses and manage other call controls. BOC also has custom functions like call parking, call detail recording (CDR), response groups, group monitoring, group email and chat.

Ready to see Bridge Operator Console in Action?

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