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Positioning Your Contact Center for Success

September 10, 2014

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When functioning well, a contact center acts as the nervous system for your organization, initiating new client relationships, responding to customer needs and forwarding calls to the appropriate person.

Modern-Day Storefront

As a modern-day storefront, contact center can make it or break it for a company. Doubtless you have heard of the ongoing PR nightmare caused by poor customer experiences with Comcast - as recorded and shared online by angry consumers. You may have the best goods and services in the world, but without high-quality customer service, no one will ever get to them. Contact center is your means of ensuring high-quality customer service end-to-end.

Leverage modern technology like LiveOps and/or ComputerTalk with Ice to ensure customers will receive the best possible experience by connecting them with your trusted customer service representatives in a timely fashion. Centralize your marketing strategy while branching out into social media platforms. Stay ahead of the curve and remain in control of your public face.

Information Gathering

An integrated contact center utilizing the best technological solutions will provide customers with the best possible experiences. It will also allow for centralized sharing of customer data, response times, and marketing strategies. Properly managed, a contact center will run the gamut, from finding out which ad campaigns are most successful in netting new clients to providing metrics for customer dissatisfaction. Where are most of your latest customers based geographically? What new features would they most like to see in your products? These are the kinds of important information a fully integrated contact center will provide.


Last but not least, a successful call center will ensure that calls are properly routed as needed. Especially when integrated with your business phone service and other e-solutions, your contact center can provide seamless end-to-end connections, with quality connections and pleasant on-hold music in between.

For more information on how to build and maintain the best contact center for your business, or for other questions, contact us today.