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A Comprehensive Guide to Conferencing For First-Time Users

May 18, 2017

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Skype for Business Hybrid AudioPerhaps you own a growing business that is lookingto expand and strengthen its communication outlets. Or maybe you have been running a company for a long time, but are looking for new communication and conferencing services for the first time. Whatever your case may be, finding the perfect conferencing solution becomes a lot easier when you first, know what you are looking for, and second, know what your options are. In this post, we will introduce a comprehensive guide to help you understand your conferencing options if youare a first-time user.

  1. Operator Assisted Audio Conference: This audio conferencing option may be seen as a more "high end" alternative to other forms of conferencing. This is because of the operator assisted aspect which greets your clients or colleagues at they dial into the audio conference. This creates a more interactive and engaging environment for those participating in the conference and exponentially strengthens the level of efficiency and professionalism during he entire experienced. This form of audio conferencing is a great option for anyone who expects a higher number of participants during calls or someone who deals with very important clients.
  2. Skype For Business On Demand Audio Conferencing: Unfortunately, something that gets in the way of far too many audio conferences, is poor sound quality. Fewer things ruin a pleasant and impressive conference quite like audio problems. If you want to ensure that every single audio conference experience you have with clients offers pristine sound and zero audio problems, the best option for you would be Skype For Business on Demand Audio Conferencing. Better sound quality means having a more productive meeting with greater results. No matter where you are conferencing in from or where the other participants may be around the globe, this audio conferencing option ensures that everyone will receive high quality audio for a more efficient experience. 
  3. Adobe Connect Web Conferencing Services: Collaboration among colleagues, partners, and other professionals becomes easier with this web conferencing solution. In order to maintain optimized productivity and truly thrive in various business projects, collaboration must be a top priority. But too often there are technical or logistical barriers that seemingly get in the way of collaboration. This doesn't have to be a problem when every collaborator involved in a project is connected through web conferencing. Using Adobe Connect Web Conferencing Services provides you with and event module to set a productive, customized schedule, better results, and a more engaging, captivating experience. Whether you are trying to win over a new client or hold an educational webinar, this web conferencing solution makes it more achievable.  
  4. iMeet Powered by CallTower: Can't afford to fly to the other side of the world to hold an important meeting or secure a big client? Don't sweat it. You can use the video conferencing system iMeet Powered by CallTower to save time and money. In this technological age, you don't necessarily need an in-person meeting to make an impeccable first impression or land that big client. When you have a high quality video conferencing solution, you can make a great, lasting impression the same way you would if you met in-person. You get to foster strong relationships with clients and partners with this personalized, one-on-one meeting space. Not only that, this system is compatible with any mobile device, allowing you and your clients to meet on-the-go.

Curious about the many other web conferencing options available to you, whether you are looking for audio or video systems? 

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